SBA Financing Jacksonville, FL

Small Business Financing Solutions in Jacksonville, FL

Businesses in Jacksonville, FL span everything from small family shops to trucking companies, retail, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, hospitality, and more. At Freedom Capital Solutions, we believe small businesses of every type in the Jacksonville area should have access to the funding they need without needing to navigate excessive red tape. As a local lending firm, we have the ability to fast-track applications for financing to minimize closing times. We offer SBA programs that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Working capital
  • Commercial real estate
  • Equipment and assets
  • Mergers and acquisitions

SBA 7a and 504 Loans for Businesses in Jacksonville, FL

SBA 7a and 504 loans from Freedom Capital Solutions are versatile and cover a wide range of needs for small businesses in the Jacksonville area. Our SBA loans feature:

  • Loan amounts as high as $5 million
  • Low interest rates
  • Full amortizations
  • Fixed and variable rate options
  • No penalties for prepayment
  • Loan-to-value between 80% and 90%
  • Prequalifications within 48 hours
  • Terms up to 25 years
  • No balloon payments

SBA Loans for Commercial Properties in Jacksonville, FL

Freedom Capital Solutions knows that businesses require property for everything from storage and manufacturing to helping patients, and even getting larger spaces to grow their companies. Whatever the reason, Freedom Capital Solutions offers SBA programs so businesses in Jacksonville can get the commercial real estate they want. Our SBA loans can be used for the following property types in Jacksonville, FL:

  • Automobile repair and maintenance centers
  • Car dealerships
  • Convenience stores
  • Daycare and childcare facilities
  • Dry cleaners
  • Franchise businesses
  • Gas stations
  • Light industrial properties
  • Medical, dental, and veterinary practices
  • Mixed-use properties
  • Mobile home parks
  • Motels and hotels
  • Owner-occupied properties
  • Office space
  • Restaurants and entertainment venues
  • Retail space
  • Self-storage
  • Truck stops

SBA Loans for Equipment and Large Business Assets in Jacksonville, FL

SBA loans from Freedom Capital Solutions are used by businesses throughout Jacksonville, FL to get equipment, vehicles, machinery, software licenses, and more. Our SBA loans cover a wide range of equipment and large business assets, including but not limited to:

  • Computers, servers, and workstations
  • Construction and landscaping equipment
  • Delivery vehicles and vans
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Dry cleaning equipment
  • Laundromat equipment
  • Light industrial machinery
  • Manufacturing tools and machinery
  • Medical equipment
  • Mobile devices
  • Office fixtures and equipment
  • Printing and binding machinery
  • Proprietary franchise equipment
  • Restaurant appliances
  • Software licenses
  • Trucks and trucking equipment

Financing for Mergers and Acquisitions in Jacksonville, FL

Freedom Capital Solutions also offers special SBA programs for mergers and acquisitions, so businesses in Jacksonville, FL can achieve rapid growth and reach their critical milestones. Our SBA loans for mergers and acquisitions feature:

  • LTV up to 80%
  • Approvals in as fast as two days
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No balloon payments
  • Full amortization

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