Fix and Flip Financing

Learn More About Fix and Flip Financing

Did you know that you can get a loan specifically tailored for the needs of fix and flip businesses? At Freedom Capital Solutions, we have worked extensively with real estate businesses in the past and we’re helping house flippers build an amazing portfolio with our financing. Fix and flip financing can be the key to your company’s success. Learn more about this amazing tool right away.

What Does Fix and Flip Financing Cover?

Fix and flip pros need financing for a variety of needs:

  • Market property purchases
  • Foreclosure sales
  • Remodeling costs
  • Work materials
  • Other expenses

The purpose isn’t just to help you buy a great piece of property. It’s to help you manage your project smoothly from beginning to end. It’s to maximize your profits and help you take advantage of the next opportunity.

What Options Are There for Fix and Flip Financing?

You can apply for fix and flip loans as well as lines of credit. Both options have their advantages. They differ in the amount of capital provided, LTV ratios and interest rates.

You can use lines of credit to manage the needs of multiple properties at the same time, taking care of renovations and resale as needed. Loans don’t have any prepayment penalties, so they’re fantastic for closing quickly and then paying off with the money you make from sales.

Let our team put together the ideal loan or line of credit for your specific goals.