Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Financing for Small Companies

Rapid growth presents opportunities, but it also comes with challenges. Depending on your industry, your business may also need to manage seasonal demand shifts and sudden cashflow issues. Fortunately, you have a solution: accounts receivable financing. Freedom Capital Solutions can help you tap into your receivables to get the cash you need right away.

How Receivables Financing Works

Financing receivables turns them into cash more quickly. Sure, they’re already current assets. But this financing method lets you turn them over by selling them at a discount. Once we purchase your unpaid customer invoices, we collect payments directly from your customers when those invoices are due.

This financing method is one of the fastest we offer. You receive your funds within 24 hours. That means you can move forward and take care of vital needs: inventory, supplies, equipment repairs, payroll, utilities, operational expenses and more. Besides speed and flexibility, you enjoy other benefits from receivables financing:

  • Free credit insurance for eligible accounts
  • No fixed payments needed
  • No recourse or personal guarantees required

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Freedom Capital Solutions offers a wide range of financial tools to help small businesses achieve their potential. From accounts receivable financing to commercial real estate loans, we can provide funds for all types of projects and goals. Talk to our commercial finance specialists to apply or find out more.