Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Build a Better Business With Flexible Financing

Every business needs access to financing to remain competitive. Flexible financing is essential for growing your company in any way you deem necessary. A traditional loan may provide you with funding that allows you to grow your company, but this type of financing often limits the way you use the money you receive. A stated income commercial real estate loan from Freedom Capital Solutions may be an alternative source of financing for you to consider.

What Makes a Stated Income Loan Different From Other Types of Financing?

Stated income loans base approval on property value. You do not need a perfect credit history to qualify for this avenue of financing, so it is easier to obtain than traditional bank loans. You automatically qualify for a stated income commercial real estate loan if your company owns property. The only stipulation is that the property’s value must be greater than the combined cost of its expenses. Because stated income loans do not require a lot of paperwork, they are typically approved quickly so you can start enriching your company immediately.

How Can a Stated Income Loan Benefit Your Business?

Freedom Capital Solutions gives you complete freedom over how you spend the money you receive from a stated income loan. For borrowers who have credit scores of 600 or greater, we extend the following terms:

  • LTV starts at 65% and higher depending on property type
  • Loan amounts of up to $500,000
  • Loan periods of up to 25 years
  • Fixed interest rates on all loan
  • Documentation for self-employment
  • W-2 documentation

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A stated income commercial real estate loan is an avenue of financing that gives businesses of all sizes the money they need to grow. If you think this financial solution could benefit your company, contact Freedom Capital Solutions to discuss your loan options. We can customize a loan solution that will give your company the funding it needs to thrive.