The Best Managers Have These Skills

The Best Managers Have These Skills

Want to foster growth in your business or company? This often comes down to who is at the helm- how are your supervisors and managers? There are some distinctive and necessary skill sets that the best leaders share; do you have them?

Effective managers typically possess these skills:

Emotional Intelligence

Do you know what emotional intelligence is? Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage one’s emotions, while also tempering and assisting others in managing their emotions, too. Workplaces can become chaotic- you need a manager that does well under pressure and that can keep the team on task.


A great manager is authentic and safe to engage with. When the manager is authentic and honest, it encourages others to be the same way. Authenticity is usually a component of effective and efficient communication, as well.


A manager or team leader needs some mentoring skills, too. It is estimated that around ¾ of the workforce are Millennials and that this is a generation seeking the ability to develop, grow, and learn at their job. Good managers can be mentors, providing coaching and valuable feedback regularly.


With the trend toward remote work, many employees are seeking jobs with purpose. This is what keeps people at their jobs despite challenges, hurdles, or other options. An effective manager feels that their work has a purpose- this is reflected in their performance and interactions with those around them, too.


Ideas and inventions mean nothing if you cannot execute and deliver on these projects. Without a leader at the helm with initiative and drive, a business will likely fail. An effective manager has the skill to carry through with what needs to be done, despite challenges or setbacks.

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