Project Management Methods Can Be Used To Help Run Your Business

Project Management Methods Can Be Used To Help Run Your Business

Running a business requires more than just funds, with numerous companies experiencing stagnation due to challenges such as disorganization and lack of project manager skillsets. If you are struggling with this, the following guide lists some handy project management methodologies that businesses can benefit from.

Critical Path Method (CPM)

The critical path method is also referred to as critical path analysis and is a strategy that prioritizes vital activities. A CPM algorithm first identifies the essential tasks, allowing resources to be allocated to these critical areas. After this, the float or slack is also calculated, making it possible to determine the time delay on a project and still complete it on time. This is often critical to enhancing a company’s project management, making it possible to complete tasks within the deadline.

The Agile Project Methodology

The agile project methodology draws attention to the speed and quality of deliverables. For this methodology to work, it focuses on a set of repetitive processes to attain success. Teams will often be required to utilize short project cycles or sprints during operations, allowing companies to improve their products and services for better output. Since the cycles are flexible, teams can focus on innovation, making it possible to enhance their production systems for better project manager skill sets.

The Lean Project Methodology

The lean project management methodology focuses on customer-centric systems that aim to reduce waste and deliver projects at the earliest time. Companies will often be required to use a Plan, Do, Check and Act cycle process to improve their project manager skillset, lowering the cost of production. This method will often be suitable for smaller teams due to the focus on customer value.

Pros of Using Project Management Methods

Utilizing any of the above-listed methods comes with its fair share of benefits, with the most common being:

Risk minimization due to guidance in the planning and execution of the projects

Builds existing skills in team members as each individual is assigned to their area of expertise

Time-cost management since the methodologies focus on prioritizing the available resources  

Investing in project management methods often requires a secure source of capital, an area that Freedom Capital Solutions can help with. Make it a point to contact us today to help secure your company’s future.