LLC Business Owners Can Utilize these Loans  

LLC Business Owners Can Utilize these Loans  

Looking to fund your company or business? If you are a limited liability company or LLC, there are some loans for LLC businesses that you may take advantage of. Additionally, these lending options offer other perks, including: 

  • Maintaining your equity without the need for outside investors.  
  • Tax deductible interest on the loan.  
  • No personal responsibility on the LLC loan.  

In the case that you default on an LLC loan, you will not be held personally responsible unless you sign a personal loan guarantee, which may be a prerequisite for some lenders and banks. 

Consider these loans for LLC businesses: 

LLC Term Loans 

If you are thinking about going to a traditional lending institution for financing, they typically require strong credit scores, proof of adequate revenues, and supporting documentation, like bank statements and your company’s business plan.  

SBA LLC Loans 

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is an excellent resource for business owners who need money but take time. The process is slower than most and requires quite a bit of paperwork to complete.  

LLC Online Loans 

For faster turnaround times, online LLC loans might be the best option. They seem to be more forgiving in terms of credit history but likely have higher interest rates.  

Business Line of Credit 

How much do you need? A business line of credit could be enough to take care of your financial issue or expense. It is a quick process, but you will incur interest due to the recognition that you utilize.  

Accounts Receivable 

Accounts receivable, or invoice factoring, involves selling outstanding bills to a third party in exchange for cash now.  

Looking for other borrowing options for your LLC? Come and talk to the industry experts at Freedom Capital Solutions about alternative lending solutions for your company, business, or brand.