Eight Roadblocks That Can Keep You From Getting Approved for a Small Business Loan

Eight Roadblocks That Can Keep You From Getting Approved for a Small Business Loan

You easily secure a small business loan by avoiding common mistakes and roadblocks. This guide explains the roadblocks to pay attention to for best practices and to become a more attractive lendee.

Unrealistic Business Plan

The lender you approach will ask for and consider your business plan before processing your application. As you work on other best practices, note that your unrealistic business plan can be a roadblock. Seek professional help to create a business plan that makes you a more attractive lendee. Your plan’s vision will get you approved fast.

Poor Credit History

Both conventional and alternative lenders will check your credit history before considering your loan request. To succeed, ensure you go through your history and streamline your financial documents before applying for a small business loan. Also, be open about the poor history of the lender to avoid costly doubts.

Insufficient Time in Business

Every lender wants to work with a business that shows potential for growth and success. If your time in business is shorter, attracting the right lenders can be hard. You need enough time to build credit and become eligible for a small business loan.

Missing Documents and Information

Know that you need proper documents and information to be a more attractive lendee. The lender needs detailed information about your business to process your loan request. Proper documentation is among the best practices to pay attention to before a small business loan application.

Inconsistent Cash Flow

Lenders will look at how your business performed in the past to consider you a more attractive lendee. This means checking your cash flow’s consistency before approving your loan application. Ensure you work on your bank statements and financial records, as providing them is among the best practices that determine your loan status.

Many Loan Applications

Applying for multiple loans creates red flags for potential lenders. Despite the temptations, avoid multiple applications to make your efforts worthwhile. Increase your success chances by working with one lender to get the funds needed for your small business.

Avoiding Expert Help

Learn the best practices to navigate the small business loan application process effortlessly. You easily meet your expectations and become a more attractive lendee by seeking expert help and guidance, especially as a first-timer. Seek help to avoid costly mistakes.


How you arrange and present your small business loan application largely determines the results. Disorganization is a step closer to failure. Be immaculate in your loan application to succeed.

Learning about the roadblocks increases approval chances in your small business loan application. We help you learn about the roadblocks and become an attractive borrower. Contact or visit Freedom Capital Solutions today to learn more.