3 Tips For a Healthy Work-Life Balance For New Entrepreneurs

Life as a startup business owner is tough: hours are long, money is tight, and stress can be overwhelming. You may feel pressure to work around the clock in the hopes of finding success with your business.

But as a new entrepreneur, it is absolutely vital to resist the temptation to work nonstop. A healthy work-life balance is not only necessary for a wholesome personal life, it will ultimately be a crucial component in seeing your business endeavor succeed. Here are a few tips to promote a healthier balance in your life.

Take Personal Time

It’s essential that you make time to spend in non-work related activities and rest. Time spent away from the job will help rejuvenate you, let your mind move on to other things, and promote physical health. That time away will ultimately make you more refreshed for work, and more creative in your decision-making process, promoting a healthier work-life balance.

Consider specifically scheduling time away. This may mean taking a consistent day or two off a week, or setting aside a larger chunk of time for a vacation. It can even be useful to do this within the workday — setting aside a daily hour for lunch, for instance.

Another great tactic is setting a firm deadline for your workday: promise yourself that after 5 P.M., you’re off the clock.

Delegate Responsibility

New entrepreneurs may feel the need to do as much as possible on their own, and try to tightly control their company’s operations. While your vision is vital to the enterprise’s success, it’s nearly impossible to succeed without significant support.

Invest in a staff who understands what needs to get done, and then let them do it. You don’t have to — and can’t — do everything yourself.

Engage Socially Outside Work

A new business endeavor can put a significant strain on social relationships, particularly with family and friends. But it’s essential to maintain and grow non-work relationships to promote a healthy work-life balance. Relationships outside the workplace will help you rejuvenate and focus on other things that matter in life (which will, in turn, make you all the more effective back at work). These relationships help keep you grounded, emotionally-centered, and happy. Neglecting them for the sake of business will ultimately help neither.

Entrepreneurs may have to endure grueling schedules, particularly at the outset of a new endeavor. But taking a few of these tips to heart will ultimately help create a manageable, healthy balance between work and your personal life, setting you up for longer-term success.